No one learns as much about a subject as one who is forced to teach it.

— Peter F. Drucker (American Management Consultant)


Thanks for visiting my corner of the internet! My name is John Harris and I currently live in Mukilteo, WA (via London, UK and Boston, MA) with my wife and our 2 cats.

I got interested in computers around 9 yrs old and coded an X-Files fan guide in notepad using HTML before having to learn some hardware stuff to figure out why the original Rainbow Six game wouldn’t load past level 5 without a graphics card.

Love of movies set me on the way to two film degrees before lack of $$ and a desire to solve problems led me back to computing (via professional basketball coaching, go figure :shrug:).


I worked in technical training before moving up to run DevOps services for a London-based consulting firm. That container thing seemed pretty cool so I moved to Docker to lead the West coast Technical Account Management (TAM) team for just over a year before joining (newly-acquired) Heptio.

Now in the Kubernetes Architecture team in the Cloud Native BU @ VMware and helping internal and external customers in their journey to operationalising and innovating around Kubernetes and other cloud native technologies.

This blog is a collection of thoughts, tutorials and experiences that I hope will be as helpful to readers as the many blogs which have provided (and continue to provide) assistance and guidance to me. Giving back to communities is important and I believe we should all do it as much as we can.

I am by no means an expert in every topic that I post, but to teach is to learn. If you have questions, comments, suggestions or corrections or I can help you in any way please get in touch!


I love getting involved in the community and volunteer as an industry mentor at ADA Developers Academy in Seattle.

I also help run several meetups including:


I have given several talks at meetups and conferences and want to get more involved in those activities this year. Here’s a list of talks / panels I’ve given over the last year or so:


Any views or opinions expressed here are strictly my own and not those of my employer (or any past employer). While I am a blogger who works for VMware (formerly Heptio), blogging is not my job for that vendor; it’s my personal passion. As this is a personal blog, not a corporate blog, I am solely responsible for all content published here. Content published here is not read, reviewed, or approved in advance by my employer and does not necessarily represent or reflect the views or opinions of my employer or any of its divisions, subsidiaries, or business partners.*

* disclaimer shamefully stolen from my awesome colleague Scott Lowe