Kubernetes in Docker: Kind of a Big Deal

I’ve been playing a little bit with the Cluster API project recently (posts on that coming soon), and using Kind as an ephemeral bootstrap cluster. Kind is a super cool and fairly new project that I figured I’d explore a little bit in this post as some folks may not be aware of it or had a chance to get hands-on with it.

Kind was born out of the neccessity for a lightweight local Kubernetes setup that could be used for testing and conformance. It has uses now across several SIGs and the goals of the project are laid out in the official docs.

Dynamic Configuration Discovery in Grafana

A few of my colleagues have written posts recently on the Prometheus stack so I thought I’d get in on the action.

In this post I’ll walk through how Grafana uses sidecar containers to dynamically discover datasources and dashboards declared as ConfigMaps in Kubernetes to allow easy and extensible configuration for cluster operators.

Let’s dive in!